bike-laneThe EBTC Library contains all kinds of cycling related material including books, magazines, cycling videos, newletters for other bicycle clubs in Canada and an archive of our own newletters from days gone by. To borrow any of this material, contact the EBTC librarian.

EBTC Equipment & Supplies

The EBTC owns various equipment and supplies to operate the trips and events that the club puts on each year. The equipment includes bicycle racks for 15 passenger vans, rear hitch bicyle racks and rooftop boxes which allow us to carry bicycles and gear on the vans used on some of our major overnight trips. There are whitegas camping stoves, large pots and coolers to help feed the starving cyclist on trips.

The EBTC Supplies are the consumable good such as paper plates, plastic cutlery and leftover condiments, snacks and juice that can be reused in future events.

Normally Event Coordinators will be interested in the Equipment and / or Supplies. To borrow any of the equipment or take any of the supplies, contact the Equipment and Supplies Coordinator well in advance of the time something is needed.

Click HERE to see the Bike Club Executive List for Contact Information.