Blackfoot Mountain and Fat Bike Cycle (BkMF)

Blackfoot M & FB June 12 Register

Time: Wheels roll at 1 PM

Starting Point: Waskahegan Staging Area, Cooking Lake Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area,

Ride Leader: Greg Pommen

Skill level/distance: Intermediate; usually between 20 to 30 km; mountain and fat bikes

Ride Description: We ride some of the wide trails (no single track) in the Blackfoot Rec Area, until we want to return.  It’s not technically difficult, but lots of up and down, and bumpy trails so can be tiring  for the distance. Maximum 3 hours.  Be prepared for wet trails after rains.  We’ve experienced everything from concrete hard dry ground to the entire area flooded, and portaging our bikes across creeks.  The weather is usually mild in May.

Bring sunblock, mosquito repellent, first aid kit if you have one, sunglasses, snacks, WATER, and camera (it’s picturesque).  Also, a tire tube (or 2), plus any tools your bike might need.  Also, bring things to cover up the interior of your vehicle in case you or your bike get muddy, which happens a lot!  There are outhouses in the area.

Bring a phone in case you get separated from the group. If you have a smartphone, and are amenable to a little experiment, try installing an app called ‘what3words’. Instead of cryptic GPS coordinates, it uses 3 words to determine your location which would make it easy (in theory) to find a person.

Most importantly, bring a sense of humour!  Things rarely go entirely according to plan, but it’s usually a barrel of laughs anyway!

This ride is unsupported and weather-permitting.




Jun 12 2021




Waskahegan Staging Area, Cooking Lk Blckft Prov Rec


Greg Pommen