Signature Ride Stamina Builder 60 & 100 West


Signature Optimum 60 and Ultime 100 rides

These two supported rides is your chance to reach your goal of cycling 60k or 100k. For those of you that have been following the Stamina Builder program, you will see how much you have progressed and have an opportunity to celebrate your achievements.

When and where?

July 24 in Spruce Grove at 9:30. We will meet in our usual spot at 10 Westwind Drive. The route is in the Stamina Builder Spruce Grove Collection.


Registration opens on July 11. Everyone will be on a waitlist. First dibs will go to riders that have been attending the Stamina Builder programs. On July 16, registration will be open to all EBTC members. Registration will close July 22 at noon. There will be a cap of 30 riders for each distance.

60 Km Signature Register
100 Km Signature Register


On the day of the ride, all riders must first go to the registration table between 9:00 and 9:15. Once registration is checked, all riders will meet at 9:25 for final instruction. 100k riders depart at 9:30 and 60k riders leave 5 minutes later.

There are no signs to indicate the route to follow. For the 60k ride, there will be 2 to 4 marshals riding along with the group. If you have the route map, you can go at your own pace. About half way you will have a chance to rest and fuel up. Water and other treats will be provided.

For the 100k ride, there will be only one marshal. As it is during our training rides, riders must have a printed map, use RWGPS or other device. If the marshal on the course is helping out a rider, you must be able to continue on your own until the marshal is back on the route. There will be rest stops at around 30k, about half way in Onoway, and the last at around 80k. The rest stops will be indicated on the map. Water and other treats will be provided.

Charmaine will be waiting for you at the finish line to celebrate your accomplishment.

Mechanical support

Course marshals will have access to a mechanical  support vehicle. Should you have a bike break down, they will contact the vehicle for support. Both cyclist and the bike mechanic must wear masks while the work is going on or should you require a ride back to the start point.

Cyclist responsibility

  • You must register for the ride through Karelo
  • Download or print the route (100k), make yourself familiar with the route (60k)
  • Be on time and check in to the registration table
  • Be at the start line at 9:25
  • Check your bike to make sure it is in good riding condition
  • Rear red bike light is strongly recommended
  • You must carry a minimum of one replacement tube (mechanical support can help fix your flat if you have a replacement)
  • During the ride, all cyclists must respect EBTC’s safety rules:
    • Follow rules of the road
    • Signal turns and stops
    • Absolutely no wheel sucking! Maintain a minimum of one bike length distance with the bike ahead of you. More if you are going down hill.

COVID guidelines

  • Social distancing is in effect during the event.
  • Carrying hand sanitizer is recommended.


Jul 24 2021


60 km'ers start 10 min later


10 Westwind Drive, Spruce Grove
10 Westwind Drive, sruce Grove


Danielle Amerongen