cornerThis section contains information and links for current and potential day trip coordinators.

Did you know that EBTC gives day trip coordinators a $20 honorarium? Just submit the Day Ride Sign-In Sheet (PDF) 1 or Day Ride Sign-In Sheet (PDF) 2 to the VP / Touring Coordinator.

Downloadable Forms:

May be used as a checklist

It is recommended that people wishing to plan a ride contact the Touring Coordinator.

The following is a list of things that need to be done when planning a ride.

1. Get a map and go route scouting.

Look for good areas for rest stops and for participants to re-group on the ride. Note any unusual and interesting information while you are scouting a ride as this may be helpful when planning your route or if you are planning to have a theme.

2. Helpful hints as you plan your ride:

  • Whether it is your first ride or you have coordinated others, please plan your ride in an area you know well as that will help with route descriptions and other specific local information that will assist ride participants at the pre-ride meeting.
  • Talk to others who also cycle in the area you plan to ride as they may have useful road condition information and be able to provide recommendations.
  • If you want to meet at a restaurant as a social activity during or after your ride check in advance to see if they want you to make reservations.
  • Check in with places like recreation centers or other facilities that may be open and willing to allow a group of riders to use the facilities.
  • Ride as much of your route as you can to ensure suitability.
  • Check for community events that might cause a road closure on your ride.

3. Contact the club’s VP of Touring

to discuss and confirm the date and time for your tentatively planned ride and also to discuss if you have a possible alternative date

4. Outline a ride plan – include the following information as it may apply:

  • Specify a date and start time
  • Specify the starting and ending location
  • Specify the distance or distances if the ride will have multiple options
  • Specify the skill level(s) of your ride
  • Identify road surface conditions and specify if the ride is unsuitable for road bikes
  • Comment on hills and their relative difficulty (how steep and how long)
  • Note if there is a chance of hazards such as unleashed dogs or wildlife
  • State if washrooms are available along the route
  • State if water is available along the route
  • State if there is a place to purchase snacks or drinks along the route
  • State if the ride will be supported or unsupported and if supported, the type of support provided (e.g. vehicle with water and snacks)
  • State if there will be meeting location for a social activity such as brunch, lunch, dinner, or snacks such as ice cream or other treats or beverages such as coffee or hot chocolate
  • Specify if the gathering at the meeting location will be held part way through the ride or at the end of the ride
  • Specify if the ride will have a specific theme and if so provide details
  • Include number of cyclists allowed on the ride if there is a limit, registration deadline, and whether or not reservations may be required for a restaurant.
  • Provide your e-mail address for Spokes. (since the club website is an open web document, you may want to use a Hotmail or other form of email to limit the potential of being spammed)
  • Make a route map and identify rest locations

5. Confirm Your Ride

Once your ride plan is complete, confirm your ride has been approved with the VP of touring

6. Submit Your Ride

Write and submit to Spokes and the Webmaster the final trip description, including details outlined in your ride plan.

7. Submit Sign In Sheet

Ensure completion of the ride sign in sheet and submit to the VP Touring after your ride.

Before the Ride:

  • Make copies of the map and/or guide sheet to be distributed to the cyclists at the start point.
  • Confirm membership of participants. We are unable to allow non-members to participate.
  • CONFIRM RESERVATIONS: For a restaurant ride you may need to confirm a reservation the day before or the morning of the ride.

At the Beginning of the Ride

  • Get everyone to sign the Day Ride Sign-In Sheet (PDF)
  • Gather the group and go through the Tour Leader’s Script (PDF).
  • Collect payments, forms, and paperwork.
  • Designate a strong rider that has repair skills as the “sweep.” It is the responsibility of the sweep to ensure that everyone at the back of the pack makes it to the next rest stop or to the end of the ride.
  • Hand out maps

At Designated Rest Stops

  • Regroup the cyclists. Account for all of the cyclists before continuing.
  • Point out any specific instructions for the next portion of the route or answer any questions riders may have about the next section of the route.
  • If this is a destination ride, where the bikes need to be locked and left alone, make sure everyone either has a lock or can lock their bike with someone else.

At the Finish of the Ride

  • Don’t leave until the last person has come in. If necessary, send a vehicle (for a road trip) back along the route to see if a rescue is required.
  • Suggest a location for meeting after the ride such as a café or ice cream place.

You’re done.