wheelThis section contains resources for organizers of overnight trips. The articles found here take you step by step through the process of putting together a multiday trip. There are many different types of overnight trips so the articles describes in a fair amount of detail many of the nuances and “things to remember” about putting together an overnight trip. If you are new to this, don’t let the length of the guide frighten you away from getting involved. You don’t half to read everything. These articles are intended as a reference, if you have been a participant on an overnight EBTC trip, then you have a good idea of how an EBTC bicycle trip works.

Tips for the Beginner Coordinator

Go on some of the overnight trips either as a rider or as a driver to get an idea of how they are run.

Pick a trip that has been organized before, so that the route is already established and you can refer to the previous trip for accommodation and budget details.

Downloadable Forms:

Identify a Destination or Route

Trip has been organized previously

The easiest trips to organize are trips that have been done before. Then, most of the groundwork has already been done such as route selection, distances and places to stay. The Tour Coordinator has maps and information for trips that the club has organized in the past.

New Route or Destination

The EBTC has organized trips that have taken cyclists to most corners of the province of Alberta, as well as visiting many parts of British Columbia and some places in Montana, Saskatchewan, Washington and Oregon. When you pick a route or destination look for factors that would make it an appealing cycling trip. Does the route have scenic beauty? Is it a challenging route? Is there an attraction along or at the end of the route such as a museum, festival, cave to explore…etc.?