The EBTC executive consists of member volunteers with varying responsibilities. A description of each executive position can be found by clicking on the Position Name in the table below. The executive meets once a month to deal with club business. These meetings are closed to the public. If you have a concern that you feel the executive should look into, please contact one of the executive members.

Click on a person to read a summary of that executive role. Contact  contact Club Executive members on our contact page.

President - June MacGregor

After joining EBTC in the early 1980’s, I was an active member for many years, participating in and organizing weekend and day tours.   It was the Club’s friendliness, including members who stuck with me as a struggling new rider, that kept me coming back.   Soon, EBTC’s ‘100 mile’ Club ride was an achievable goal, with support at roadside rest stops from cheering volunteers who handed out cookies and juice.   With work commitments and travel, however, I didn’t join EBTC for several years but kept vacationing on bike trips with EBTC friends.   I returned to the Club some 10 years ago and have continued to enjoy the rides and other activities.   It is a privilege to serve on the EBTC Board with great people who are working hard to offer a 2021 program of rides, education and other activities that will keep our members enthusiastic about cycling and EBTC.

Key executive position coordinates the club activities and acts as chief spokesperson and executive officer providing over all leadership

Key responsibilities / Duties:

  • Coordinates the overall activities of the club acts as chief spokesperson
  • Provides leadership to the executive, chairs annual general and executive meetings
  • Attends various public committee meetings to ensure EBTC views are included
  • Prepares annual report on activities of the club for annual general meeting
  • Provides monthly updates on clubs activities and issues for the News letter
  • Assigns responsibilities and follows up to ensure committee work is being accomplished
  • Works with all executive members to ensure portfolios are working well, provides advice and resources as needed to complete work
  • Attends executive meetings as scheduled
  • Represents the club as appropriate in public forums
  • Completes projects as appropriate

Past President - Anne-Marie Adachi

I have been passionate about cycling for over 40 years! As one of 8 siblings growing up in rural Newfoundland I did not have a bike.  While working at the University of Wisconsin in the early 80’s I bought a used Sekine 10-speed for $40 which I used for commuting. I was hooked!

Without further details, fast forward to early 2000’s! Not real sure what ever possessed me to ride the Tour de l’ Alberta (100 km) on my mountain bike. At the Tour I learned it was organized by the Edmonton Bicycle and Touring Club, and I thought it might be fun to join a club to get some training for the next Tour! In 2005 or 2006 I joined EBTC and frequently attended the Wednesday night Show N’ Go with Al Carlson. His rides always involved either ice cream, coffee or donuts and Al knew the best places to go! At the Wednesday night Show N’ Go, I met members who have become my dearest friends.

I joined the Executive as Membership Chair in 2009-2012, I moved to VP Touring in 2013 and then President in 2017. I certainly would not have entertained any of this as my EBTC resume after that first TdA!

In my other life, I retired in 2019 from my career in Health Services Research. I had big plans for cycling in Spain and Portugal in the spring of 2020 however like many folks, due to Covid this did not happen. Over the years I have expanded my “fleet” of bikes and I am looking forward to more cycling in Europe with EBTC friends and “Baby Bike” my folding touring bike a.k.a Bike Friday !

Past President:
Assists the President and other ad hoc duties.

Vice President - Freeman Taylor

In 2008 my wife, Sonja and I decided to take our first cycling trip and chose a tour with Pedal and Sea (a Canadian company) to Croatia.  It sounded perfect, travel by boat to various islands each morning and cycle around the islands during the day.  On the first climb from sea level about 20 minutes into the first day I thought to myself “what the Hell was I thinking” (I actually may have used some stronger language).  Anyway, by the end of a glorious week we were both hooked on the idea of more cycling.  In 2009 we decided we would ride in the first Cancer Ride in Alberta and knew we needed some training to prepare for it.  Enter “Cycling 101” lead by Scott Keast and Char World.  We joined the EBTC for the free training and successfully completed that ride and have been members of the club since.  We have met many great friends through the club and have travelled to many parts of the world on cycling holidays with some of them.  In the past I held positions on the board including Equipment Manager, Membership and Vice-President and after a few years break I look forward to once again joining with the great group of people leading our club.

Vice President 
Acts for the president when absent.

Key Responsibilities / Duties:

  • Keeps executive updated and brings appropriate issues to the executive for decisions
  • Attends executive meetings as scheduled
  • Represents the club as appropriate in public forums
  • Edits news letter in conjunction with President
  • Completes projects as appropriate

Secretary - Betty Lafave

Although I have cycled all my life, I never really got hooked on road biking until 5 years ago when I did a cycling trip from Prague to Budapest with a group of friends. Wow! Who knew cycling could be such a great way to explore the world? Since then cycling has become my favorite warm weather activity.

Many of my friends are long time EBTC members and I have met many more great people in the club.

I enjoy exploring our city trails, bike paths and roads. It’s a great day when I can cycle from the house in the morning and ride west out of the city on some of our beautiful country roads. Since joining EBTC this year, I have become a lot more familiar with the roads east and northeast of the city.

Cycling is a great way to stay fit and I hope to enjoy it for many more years to come.

Looks after correspondence and minutes for the bike club and Executive Meetings

Key Responsibilities / Duties:

  • Prepares minutes for executive meetings capturing key points and motions made
  • Prepares correspondence for review at the executive meetings in a timely fashion
  • Picks up mail and forwards to appropriate executive member for action
  • Attends executive meetings
  • Completes projects as appropriate

Treasurer - Phil Davidson

For years I used my cheapo bike as a way to get to/from school/work with nary a hint of trouble. Then about 10 years ago I started dropping in on Al Carlson’s Show-and-Go. After all, it was just a little detour on my way home from work to get another coffee. Probably like many of you, I was in denial; I told myself I could quit any time.

Phil Davidson, Addicted to Cycling

By the time I admitted I was hooked, I’d dragged a bike bag through an airport or three, a bag containing a bike

worth more than my cheapo old car. Now, I’ve degenerated to the point of joining the executive of EBTC as treasurer, thanks in part to a certain enabler, and started organizing the weekly Outback rides as well as leading the odd other excursion. At least my habit isn’t as expensive as some, like downhill skiing, or as debilitating as others, like watching TV.

Provides appropriate financial management and financial records for EBTC

Key Responsibilities / Duties:

  • In conjunction with other executives develops annual budget.
  • Balances accounts and ensures appropriate accounting practices are followed, files appropriate records and or necessary public documents
  • Ensures appropriate banking is conducted, arranges for appropriate signatures for financial transactions
  • Supports trip coordinators with reimbursement of funds when trip reports are submitted by trip leaders and follows up as appropriate
  • Issues electronic reimbursements and club related payments and ensures that appropriate documentation is provided to support expenditure
  • Provides appropriate reports for annual general meeting, responds to inquiries and questions
  • Attends executive meetings and provides updates and status of current financial affairs
  • Completes projects as appropriate

Membership Coordinator - Larry Zelazo


I joined EBTC in 1982 to participate in day and weekend touring bike trips organized by the club.  I stayed with the club to enjoy the friendships I made through the club.  My favorite experiences with the club has been the longer trips in such destinations such as the Gulf Islands, Silver Triangle and Jasper – Banff.  I am retired from a very long career as an electrical engineer with TELUS and enjoy curling and nordic skiing in the winter.

Membership Coordinator:
Maintains membership roster and registrations

Key Responsibilities / Duties:

  • EBTC Member Registration exclusively utilizes a third party vendor Online Registration for membership
  • The membership coordinator acts as a liaison between the vendor and members where assistance with registration and troubleshooting are required
  • The membership coordinator is responsible for posting overnight rides on the Karelo site specifically where ride registration fee collection is required
  • Responds to membership inquires in a timely fashion
  • Prepares appropriate news letter input, keeps members informed and highlights issues and information as needed
  • Attends executive meetings on a regular basis
  • Completes projects as appropriate

Touring Coordinator - Terry Fannon

A member of EBTC since 2011, Terry joined to learn to ride a road bike (previously only mountain bike) with other members in order to train to cycle across Canada for youth mental health (completed 2013). He has since cycled for MS Society for 7 years and for Alzheimer’s Society for 3 years (raised over $32K). For EBTC, Terry leads rides and has been Trips Coordinator for the past 4 years. Terry enjoys cycling with other members, seeing the countryside and gaining major health benefits from cycling.

Touring Coordinator:
Coordinates the annual trip planning process 

Touring Coordinator, Overnight & International Tours - open

Touring Coordinator, Overnight & International Tours:
Coordinates the overnight trip planning process and advises of international touring opportunities.

Key Responsibilities / Duties:

  • Coordinates annual overnight and international Bike Trips / Rides
  • Updates procedures and processes in place for the club, updates on Website as appropriate
  • Provides updates and changes in trip information for Newsletter, arranges for revamped or changed trips and or leaders to ensure all trips planned are carried out
  • Responds to inquiries for trip information from club members and other interested outside the club
  • Keeps executive updated and brings appropriate issues to the executive for decisions
  • Attends executive meetings as scheduled
  • Represents the club as appropriate in public forums
  • Completes projects as appropriate

Social Coordinator - Cathy Walsh and Charmaine Folster

Cathy Walsh

In 2016, I joined a group of five other women and cycled the Cotswolds in England. Prior to that, my cycling experience was limited to river valley rides with my husband, 8km rides to and from work at Grant McEwan University, and the MS Bike Tour. Fast forward to 2020 and I am into my fourth year as an EBTC member and my first year as the co-social coordinator for the club. I joined both the west end and Ardrossen Target the Tour rides in 2017 and have now done two Tours de l’Alberta. Two of my favourite places to cycle are Elk Island and Pigeon Lake. Although a number of injuries have kept my off my bike at times, I am always determined to get back on the saddle and keep riding. I have felt very welcomed by other EBTC members and look forward to continuing my cycling adventures.

Hi, I am Charmaine Folster. I have been riding for about 3.5 years now, 3 with EBTC. I started riding as a complete novice road cyclist and completed my first Grand Fondo within 2 years. The joy of riding now has me riding road, gravel and fat bikes.

Social Coordinator:
Coordinates appropriate social activities and events held by the club

Key Responsibilities / Duties:

  • Recommends and assists in the planning of various social events during the year.
  • Works with other executive to identify opportunities for social events
  • Ensures the publicity of events is included in the Newsletter
  • Works with the President and Vice President prior to canceling an event to seek alternatives
  • Coordinates annual general meeting social activities
  • Attends executive meetings on a regular basis
  • Completes projects as appropriate

Publicity Coordinator - Don Marcotte

Isn’t life always better when you’re on a bike? I kind of think so, although on the cold, windy and rainy ones, it’s always better when you’ve finished a ride!

I’ve made it a goal in life to see the world, including my back yard on a bike.

I started riding in my late twenties and have used it as a way to make my best days even better and my worst days a little better. One of the highlights of my life was being asked by Tour de France yellow jersey winner Alex Steida to be part of his team bringing clients to the Tour de France. I did that in 2005 and 2006. I then became a cycling videographer and accompanied charity cycling groups on some pretty epic rides from Calgary to Austin, Calgary to San Jose and Calgary to Philadelphia.

My wife Marilyn and I have seen many parts of the world from the saddle. We’ve covered extensive areas of Asia including Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. We also spent a while in Cuba and Mexico.  We have Bike Friday folding bikes, which are the perfect vehicle for travelling adventurers.

I’m pleased to be part of EBTC for the past number of years and am helping out by supplying video content when needed by the board or other members. So if you see a dude with a camera, it’s probably me. Drop over and say hi.

Publicity Coordinator:
Ensures the timely publicity for the club occurs

Key Responsibilities / Duties:

  • Advises executives on upcoming events, coordinates publicity for the club events
  • Prepares publicity materials; short videos etc.
  • Identifies opportunities for publicity for club events with various media representatives
  • Attends executive meetings on a regular basis
  • Completes projects as appropriate

Safety & Education Coordinator - Scott Keast

My cycling life first began at age 5 (circa 1965) or there abouts.  My Mom did hundreds of laps around a courtyard, her with a firm grip on my saddle and me performing huge corrections with my handlebars.  Eventually I developed my balance and more than 5 decades later I am still doing circles . . . they’re just bigger now.

My progression in the club is as follows:

Late 80’s – joined the club but only did the occasional ride. For more than a decade life gets in the way and I would not be an EBTC member.

2002 I rejoined the club and have been a member ever since.  Al Carlson was President and his Show n Go rides and Bakery Rides were a perfect re-introduction to the club.

2006 I take on the position of Public Relations Coordinator.  During this period, we looked at refreshing the image of the club and getting our name out there.  New logos were developed, and business cards were printed for all Board Members.  I also join Don Peddie’s Cycling 101 as an assistant as Don required a “steady wheel.” Little did I realize he was grooming me as his replacement

In the Spring of 2007, I returned to the Cycling 101 as assistant and I soaked up everything Don had to offer.  At the end of 7 weeks, he set out some HUGE shoes that I had to fill!

2008 I become Safety and Education Coordinator.  The program continues much the same as it had in the past.  It is this year that President Eileen Hall and I both come to the conclusion that Cycling 101 leaves graduates without any bridge to club rides.  The Target the Tour Ride Series is born.  The ride quickly becomes a monster and helps feed the rapidly growing Tour de l’Alberta.

 2009 – The Tour of the Falling Leaves begins! The next year Char and Julie World join in as Coordinators and legend continues.

2009/2010 The fallout from the 9/11, 2001 terrorist attacks continues, and the club felt the effects as our insurer demanded that a cycling instructor had to be certified.  I train under John Collier, a National Examiner for CANBIKE, and I achieve CANBIKE 2/CANBIKE Instructor status. At the same time, I am grooming Char World to be my replacement.

2011 I join Mountain Equipment Coop as a Cycling Specialist.  The combination of shift work and total commitment to my position means I cycle with the club less and less.

2012 I train under Kinesiologist Chris Field as a Bicycle Fitter for the Coop and become both a fitter and train bike fitters until 2020 when I retired.

2021 – Returning as Safety and Education Coordinator.

Highlights of where I/we have cycled:

 Numerous Tour de l’Alberta including one (can’t recall the year) where the course wasn’t calculated accurately, and Bob Atlee and I cycled 181K – surprise!

2003 – The Golden Horseshoe – Hamilton to Niagara Falls and return to spectate at the 2013 World Championships of Cycling.

 2012 – We cycle the Dalmatian Islands, Croatia.  Hands down, at 21%, some of steepest climbs that we have ever experienced.

2013 – The island of Öland, Sweden with friends from the club – fabulous!

2015Gulf and San Juan Islands British Columbia and Washington State.

2016Belgium and the Netherlands Bike and Barge with friends from the club.  We also attended the last day of the Tour de France in Paris – electrifying!

2017The Viking Trail (Newfoundland) and Cabot Trail (Nova Scotia)

Scott Keast

2019Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and later in the Spring – The Romantic Road in Germany again with friends from the club.

2022(?) – Puglia, Italy

So, there you have it – my curriculum vitae.

Safety & Education Coordinator:
Provides appropriate safety and education advice and develops policies as appropriate

Key Responsibilities / Duties:

  • Develops safety and education material for use by other club members such as Trip Leaders and executives
  • Prepares appropriate news letter input keeps members informed and a highlights issues as and information as needed
  • Attends executive meetings as scheduled
  • Completes projects as appropriate

Webmaster - Sandy McDonald

I have been an EBTC member for (I think) 5 years (2015). I started after my husband, Jim, joined. He started doing the Wednesday Show n Go rides. I then joined him on those rides. At first, I rode a heavy hybrid bike; it was at the start of my second year that I bought a road bike. Since then, I have not stopped cycling (road, mountain, winter fat bike) or buying bikes (I am a proponent of N+1).

My husband Jim and I have been the leaders of the Sunday Afternoon rides for the last few years. We also love to take cycling holidays; Central America, Quebec, Newfoundland, Portugal (3X), Morocco, Camino  Frances in Spain. In the winter, I co-run the email cycling group When I am not on my bike, I am a semi retired Chartered Accountant that is the EBTC webmaster!

Maintains club website

Key Responsibilities / Duties:

  • Maintains website by making timely updates and clean ups to ensure ease of use
  • Recommends to executive for new purchases or needed upgrades for website
  • Places appropriate news information and other articles of interest to members on the website
  • Manages club email addresses
  • Manages domain names and DNS information
  • Manages file structure on server for various projects
  • Attends executive meetings on a regular basis
  • Completes projects as appropriate

Newsletter Coordinator - John Shaw

I saved up birthday and holiday money for my first 10 speed and bought it the summer of 1971. I got a staff discount at Handy Andy in Montreal through my friend Nicolas’ dad. Nicolas got the same bike. That summer we rode out to St. Anne de Bellevue, and Ile Perrot and beyond from Pointe Claire – a pair of 12 year olds, no maps and no cell phones. Freedom,

John Shaw

John Shaw, Newletter Coordinator

independence, seeing the world – I was hooked! By 1981, I’d done solo trips from Banff to Vancouver and up and down the west coast. By 1991, I’d added in swaths of Ontario, France and the Netherlands. By 1993, I added a kiddy trailer to my bike, with room for two + groceries/picnic supplies/toys and spent time cycling close to home (Toronto, Paris, Edmonton).

In 2005, I was at the Biltmore Estate (working, really). I was invited to ride the Blue Ridge Parkway and did. As soon as I got home I joined EBTC and bought a Roubaix, which I still ride. My first ride with EBTC was the 2006 Tour de l’Alberta (100 km). I’ve missed only one or two since. It has been a fixture in my calendar. I’ve squeezed in independent rides around the world from China, to Czechia to Corsica under C alone. I’ve made a point of joining EBTC rides whenever I could, from away rides: Thunder Lake, the Rockies, the USA, Costa Rica; to local rides too numerous to mention here. The EBTC website and newsletters made this possible! My ride attendance will improve this year for sure. I retired at the end of 2020, and I am taking on the newsletter coordinator role! I’ll know what is happening from week to week and will have few excuses, except, that with some luck I’ll be away cycling in Andalusia and Morocco before the year is out!

Newsletter Coordinator:

  • Prepares appropriate news letter input, keeps members informed and highlights issues and information as needed
  • Attends executive meetings on a regular basis
  • Completes projects as appropriate

Supplies & Equipment Coordinator - Aurie Philipchuk

As a life long bike commuter, I struggled to convince my wife to join me in one of my favorite pastimes. 12 years ago some new found friends convinced my wife and I to join them in an informal ride. It convinced me that we were not too old to show some passion that I thought was a sport for young people.  I attempted to get us both to jump headfirst into the unknown after discovering EBTC offered a free Cycling 101 class, to teach my wife how to ride on the streets safely. I also found the Edmonton Bike Commuters offering free mechanics courses if you promised to do some volunteer work for them. To make sure we set some goals for ourselves, we both volunteered for the MSBike ride from Nisku to Camrose (I dont think my wife has still forgiven me for that one, as we weren’t prepared for cold and rain all day). To add a carrot to the stick, I also booked us a Bike and Barge trip to Holland at the end of the season, to make sure she continued to ride to work everyday. Well the trip was a huge success knowing that my wife could handle flat paved roads with moderate distances.

So began our association with EBTC as we have continued to expand our friendships with other members especially when doing the weekend and longer rides where you really get to know the other folks. Now that we are retired from the workforce, I was asked if I would consider taking on the role of equipment manager so I agreed. What I didn’t know was that there would be an upheaval in our equipment storage situation as we decided to build our own storage shed and move all of our equipment to a new location. What a brilliant move as we have saved a considerable amount of storage fees especially during this pandemic. We hope to be back on the road with our cycling friends as soon as this pandemic ends.

Supplies & Equipment Coordinator:
Ensures club equipment is properly stored and available for use by club members

Key Responsibilities / Duties:

  • Manages all club equipment to ensure it is signed out and returned in proper working order
  • Recommends purchases of or repairs equipment as needed
  • Completes and annual inventory of equipment
  • Provides information to trip leaders and coordinators on equipment availability ensures orderly booking of equipment for trips
  • Attends executive meetings on a regular basis
  • Completes projects as appropriate

Social Media Coordinator & Co- Ride Coordinator- Danielle Amerongen

Six years ago, I visited Denmark and Sweden and was so impressed at all the cyclists and cycling paths. Cyclists were everywhere, riding all kinds of bikes. I was especially impressed with the “older” women in their work clothes and purses attached to their bikes, with a big smile on their faces on their way to work. I decided then that I could do this too. And I did! I bought my first bike, a hybrid, and completed my first Tour de l’Alberta where I discovered EBTC.

Since then, I have participated in multi day trips (supported and unsupported), cycled in Europe with other EBTC cyclists and gained enough confidence to lead Sunday morning rides in the west end. Through the friendly atmosphere of EBTC cyclists and the networking that happens when you hang around awesome people, I also extended my riding experiences to trail riding on my fat bike and mountain bike year round. Yes winter too!

My role as Social Media Coordinator is to monitor, maintain and update the EBTC Facebook page as well as to share information and pictures about our riding and social events.

See you on a bike!!

Key Responsibilities / Duties:

  • Monitors, maintains and updates EBTC Facebook page
  • Posts last minute reminders of rides and social events
  • Post information on ad hoc EBTC rides
  • Attends executive meetings on a regular basis
  • Completes projects as appropriate