Friday’s Quiet Roads

Dates:  April 29-Sept 16
Start time: 10:00AM; arrive 15mins. ahead of departure
Start location: varied: Ardrossan or West Edmonton/Parkland County
Ride Rating/Focus: Easier-Intermediate/Social
Skill Level/distance/bike: experienced novice-intermediate; 35 to 65km; road bike, e-bike
Ride Description: These will be more relaxed rides for veterans of road cycling and for cyclists with experience on urban bike paths who want to try rural routes. Participants will be able to handle some hilly terrain and should be comfortable riding with a group. Group-up points along the route will allow riders to go at their own pace, knowing that the group will meet up.  Cut off points will also be provided on longer rides for those who want a shorter distance. Note: this will be a small-group ride (limited number of riders).  
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