Tour of the Falling Leaves (TFL)

Tour of Falling Leaves Sep 19 Register

Time: Arrive 12:30PM for a 1PM start

Starting Point: Ardrossan Rec Center

Ride Coordinators: Char and Julie World; Scott and Lorraine Keast

Skill level/distance: Intermediate; 77 km.

Route Map: MAP Available here.


Ride Description: This year we are Celebrating 10 years of The Tour of the Falling Leaves. The Tour of the Falling Leaves is modelled after the Giro d’Lombardia in Northern Italy. The event unofficially signals the end of the professional cyclist’s year. Our version appears a little earlier, as our fall arrives a little earlier here than in Italy.

A rest stop at approximately 30 kilometres features Lorraine’s home-baked biscotti and other delights with Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate. Char and Juliana World will once again offer up Italian delights such as Aranciata, Limonada, Chinotto, stuffed olives, antipasto, bocconcini, salami, grapes, and cantaloupe.

If you’ve missed it in the past don’t miss out this year on this sensory overload of fall colour and fabulous food. Enjoy the sound of crisp golden leaves crunching under rolling wheels, the heady tobacco-like aroma of autumn in the country, and the crisp clean air that signals that the end of the 2021 season is drawing near. Andiamo!