Bring a (non-member) Friend to a Ride

If you have a friend who is not an EBTC member, you may invite them to join you on an EBTC ride. EBTC recognizes that cyclists often ride with a companion; you may invite more than one friend to a ride. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Decide well in advance of the ride that you want to bring them. Check out Choosing Your Ride to select an appropriate type of ride for your friend.
  • Click on your ride of interest in our Website Calendar; click on ‘See Full Details’ for the ‘Contact’ name and email link of the Ride Leader.
  • Email the Ride Leader well in advance that you intend to bring (a) friend(s), noting the ride title and date. The Ride Leader will respond with questions or info on the suitability of the ride for friends. Since the Ride Leader must give their ‘O,K.’, please allow time for email exchanges before registration closes for the ride. 
  • With the Ride Leader’s O.K., download, print, complete and have your friend(s) sign the Guest Registration and Waiver Form. Bring the form(s) to the ride. If you can’t get the paperwork done, come to the ride early. The Ride Leader will have forms to fill out. 
  • Host your friend(s) at the ride. Stay with them. If they find the ride too difficult, you may need to stay behind or return to the start with them.

Each non-member friend can only ride once with EBTC but EBTC members may invite different friends to different rides following the steps above. If you have questions or comments about the Bring a Friend Initiative, contact the EBTC President.

Last Updated on May 11, 2024