Get your free RWGPS account:

It’s a benefit of joining EBTC. You’ll get navigational features others pay for plus access on the EBTC website to ‘Collections’ of routes for current EBTC rides.

  • Sign up for your RWGPS account on a computer or tablet – that’s the easiest.
    • Click on the link in the email from Karelo which confirmed your EBTC Membership Registration. If you need this link, e-mail membership
    • Sign up to create a ‘starter’ RWGPS account; you’ll get advanced features others pay for.
  • Access your RWGPS account on your Apple or Android phone by first installing the RidewithGPS app (from the Apple Apps Store or Google Play).
    • Then sign in with the RWGPS account you already created on your computer or tablet.
  • Find information for new and experienced RWGPS users at

Access ‘Collections’ for current EBTC rides and their RWGPS routes:

Only members with a RWGPS account have access.

  • On your computer or tablet, click the button below. A screen with a photo opens for you to click ‘Collections’ to see EBTC rides and then the route you want.
    • If ‘Collections’ doesn’t show, use the button to sign in with your RWGPS account. By signing in once, ‘Collections’ may automatically open in future – if you’re on the same device and browser.
    • You can view or download routes (see Navigate below), or, if you so choose, print a route by clicking ‘More’ above the route title and choosing ‘Print PDF Maps and Cue Sheets’.
  • On your phone, start the RWGPS app, and touch the Rainbow EBTC Logo for the menu. Select ‘Collections’ to see EBTC rides and then the route you want to view and download (see Navigation below).
  • A general tip: if you don’t see ‘Collections’, always try clicking the Rainbow EBTC Logo to get back to it.

Ride with the ‘Navigate’ feature of RWGPS:

On your Apple or Android phone, hear turn-by-turn verbal instructions and see progress on your screen.

  • On-line using your mobile data service – Select your route in ‘Collections’ and touch on the map image or name. You will see buttons to ‘Download’ and ‘Navigate’. At the ride start, choose ‘Navigate’.
  • Off-line by downloading your route to your phone to avoid using mobile data, save battery life or ride where no mobile service exists – It is best to download at home with WiFi. Select your route in ‘Collections’ and touch on the ride map image or name. You will see buttons to ‘Download’ and ‘Navigate’. Choose ‘Download’ to put the map into your offline Library. At ride start, select ‘Library’ then ‘Offline’ to find your downloaded routes. Touch the selected route and choose ‘Navigate’.

Use RWGPS with other navigational devices:

Last Updated on May 21, 2024