EBTC Members get access to all rides and events, including series and unique rides throughout the year.

Categories & Fees

First Member: $40

Additional Family Member (18 and over): $20

Additional Family Member (Under 18): $7

EBTC Membership includes access to

As a member, you can sign up for the free RidewithGPS (RWGPS) club access and have navigational features that others need to pay for. You also get access to well-organized ‘Collections’ of EBTC routes for Club rides.

Once you have signed up, you can use the EBTC club account:

  • on your computer or tablet at home to view EBTC club routes and help you choose which rides to register for. You can also print routes if you wish.
  • on the app on your Apple or Android phone to view routes but, more importantly, to guide you when riding with the ‘Navigate feature’, which gives audible turn-by-turn instructions during a ride. The route map can also be seen on the phone screen if desired during your ride.
  • to create and save your own routes, and convert your rides into routes with navigation cues for later use.

Last Updated on June 19, 2024