Unique Rides and Events 2024

These are once-a-season rides and events. They often feature a special location, food, opportunity to socialize with EBTC members while enjoying the sights.

Single-day Rides

  • Ft Saskatchewan Brunch Ride -Sunday, May 5, is an Intermediate ride, but ideal for those of you who are wanting a slower paced ride with some distance and extra time to socialize (50 km in total), and of course something to eat!  Ride Leader:  Maureen Lanuke
  • Al’s and Darren’s Bakery Ride – RESCHEDULED – Saturday, June 22  – A perennial favourite is back. We will wander through North-Central Edmonton to hit a few favorite bakeries. Some are very cheesy, and some dripping sweet. Bring panniers or backpack to take home some goodies.
  • 2nd Annual Heritage Day Sunrise Breakfast RideMonday, August 5 – Cycle with the sunrise on quiet country roads, breakfast at IHOP then a nice cycle back – total 54 Km round trip – Cost of breakfast is up to each individual. We will start to ride at sunrise! Ride Leader: Michael Roloff
  • Miquelon LakeSaturday, August 10 – two start points and times for different distances, 95 km or 42 km. As in past years, we’ll have snacks provided at the lake for a leisurely social visit before heading back. Ride Leader: Phil Davidson
  • Pigeon Lake Inner and Outer Loop Ride and Picnic – Sunday, August 25. Join EBTC members and enjoy a classic Central-Alberta ride originating at Mulhurst Bay Park, and cycling past cottages, while catching the late summer sights and smells of the Aspen forests.  After this inner loop has been completed, meet back at the starting point for a picnic and great company.

Loop 1: Inner Loop – 65 km intermediate ride @ 9:00 a.m. on a surface of 50/50 hard packed asphalt and hard packed gravel trails.  A well-maintained hybrid or slick tired mountain bike are best for this ride.  This ride is unsupported and all riders must be self-sufficient if a flat tire or mechanical issue occurs.  Bring snacks and fluids as it could be warm, and don’t forget your sunscreen.   Ride Leader:  Frank Potter

Loop 2: Outer Loop – a 60 km intermediate road ride around Pigeon Lake @ 10:00 a.m. This is an intermediate ride suitable for well-maintained road and hybrid bikes.  Again, this is not a supported ride and there is no sweep.  All tire and mechanical issues should  be addressed by each rider.  RWGPS is helpful.  Ride Leader:  Anne-Marie Adachi

  • South Cooking Lake Hub and SpokeSunday, September 8 with two different start times for different distances: 100 km (starting at 10 a.m.), or 60 km  (starting at 11 a.m.)  There will be distance loops so each rider can decide just how far they wish to go.  As in past years, there will be snacks provided at the lake for each loop, as well as at the end of the ride with a visit with EBTC members before heading home.   And, if the weather is troublesome on September 8, then it will be rescheduled to the following weekend, September 15.  Ride Leader:  Larry Zelazo

Multi-day Trips

  • May 25, 2024 – South France Bike and Barge –  There will be leisurely cycling in mostly flat areas, with only few short climbs and descents.  A total of 240 km of cycling on 95% paved routes and 620 m of total ascent. The barge for this trip is equipped with 11 cabins (1 single, 2 doubles, 8 twins).  Accommodation, touring bike and E-bike available.. Cathy Walsh will be happy to share the group’s activities and memories when everyone returns as this trip is full and awaiting take-off!
  • Drumheller with Drama – May 24 to 26  Hub and Spoke format. Flexible start and end dates to accommodate working stiffs as well as free-range seniors. Rides distances of 30 – 50 km (option to 74 km) with 150 – 400 m of climbing. We will group-up periodically so nobody gets left behind and may break into two groups – faster and slower. There are several hotels and a campground nearby. Great views of the badlands, and the wonderful Tyrell Museum and Atlas Coal Mine are nearby. NEW this year, we’re going to dinner and a show at the Rosebud Opera House (optional). Trip Details. Contact drumheller@bikeclub.ca.
  • Fairmont Hot Springs Trip – July 16 to July 19/20.  A NEW multi-day ride for 14 participants that encompass Cranbrook to Marysville in a 44 km loop with a short walk and coffee break in the middle.  Participants will also cycle Fairmont Hot Springs alongside Westside Legacy Trail covering 55 km with stops for snacks and drinks, with a third day of hiking in perhaps the Wilmer Wetlands, Lower Bugaboo Falls, Paint Pots, Marble Canyon or Stanley Glacier.  Everyone is responsible for their own transportation and accommodation.  Accommodations can be found at Fairmont Creek Vacation Rentals, Marble Canyon, Residences and Fairmont Lodge, Timbers Resort Cabins, and Fairmont Hot Springs Resort which offers villas, a lodge, cabins, and campsite options.  Ride Leaders contact:  Sonja and Freeman Taylor.
  • Thunder Lake Trip – Saturday July 27 – Sunday July 28 – Our oldest trip in number of years offered, Thunder Lake is an intermediate cycling/camping weekend ride, fully supported, on pavement. The route is a combination of highways and country roads, mainly flat. We meet in Onoway Saturday morning and ride approximately 75K on Saturday and 85K on Sunday. The pace is relaxed (15-20K/hr) and no one gets left behind.  A support vehicle will carry our camping equipment. It will also be available for those unable to ride (limited basis.) Ride Leader:  Debbi Wallace

Last Updated on June 19, 2024