EBTC uses on-line registration (Karelo) for all rides and events for a number of reasons:

  • To give our leaders a list of who is coming for contact purposes, e.g., to cancel due to weather,
  • To let our leaders limit the number of registrants to offer the best experience or safety,
  • To have participant counts for booking and ordering, e.g., accommodation for overnight trips. Also, for overnight trips, to assess whether there will be sufficient registrants to cover fixed costs and finalize plans,
  • To use the data to plan rides and events that members will find interesting and enjoyable, and
  • To have a participant list should an accident occur, as required by EBTC’s insurance policy.

Rides and events normally open for registration as follows:

  • Series rides: one week before each ride
  • Unique rides: 14 days before each ride. “Pop-up” rides may be added to the Calendar and open closer to the ride date
  • Overnight rides: determined by ride leaders based on needs for deposits, etc.
  • Other Events (Socials, Classes, etc.): determined by the event organizer

Register in Karelo:

  • Click on the link in the Calendar for the ride or event that interests you. Enter your Karelo log-in name and password (the one for Membership Registration), and fill out the simple on-line form. Karelo will send you a confirmation e-mail, which you should keep (see cancelling below).
  • When registering yourself, you can register another person. However, only you will receive the confirmation e-mail from Karelo and will need to inform the other person.

Cancel a registration if you can’t attend:

This saves money for EBTC, and opens a spot for another member when participation is limited.

  • Here is the quickest way to cancel: open your Karelo registration confirmation e-mail, scroll across the top bar to Change Registration; click, and scroll down to click Cancel. Karelo will send an email that you have cancelled.
  • If you don’t have this e-mail, login to your Karelo account. Click on My Account → My Registrations. The Review Registrations page will appear. Click on the confirmation number for the ride or event that you want to cancel. Go to the bottom of the page that appears and click on ‘Cancel this Registration’.

Register for the Waitlist:

  • You can register and be waitlisted in Karelo if a ride is full. Waitlisted members move to the ride if cancellations occur (in order of their registration) or if the Ride Leader opens more spaces for registration. Karelo will e-mail you about your waitlist and ride status.