Series Summary 2024

EBTC Members, please remember that all series rides (these are rides that run every week) open for registration one week prior to the scheduled ride. Other Pop-ups or unique/single day rides have different registration windows, sometimes up to three weeks prior to riding. Please consult the Calendar/Karelo often.

Series Social Rides

Monday Recreational Rides

Mondays at 6:30 p.m. Start Location: Rundle Park (Ride Leader: Gaye Carter)

This ride begins April 29.

We’ll start with 16-18 km on mostly paved paths and roads, then increase to about 40 km, with a stop for coffee and snacks. As we start in Rundle Park, we always begin with a climb out of the river valley.

Monday Meanderings

Mondays at 7 p.m. Start Location: varies (Ride Leader: Sonja Taylor/ Freeman Taylor)

This ride begins June 17.

Need a nice leisurely ride to recover from a hectic weekend? Join other cyclists to explore a mix of multi-use trails, country roads and residential streets including a variety of hills and flat terrain.

County and Urban Tuesday Rides

Tuesday at 6 p.m. (Ride Leader: Stephen Yakimets)

This ride begins May 7 and runs every 2 weeks.

Get to know some of our nice rural and urban roads all around Edmonton. This bi-weekly fast-paced social ride series offers cyclists 40km to 70k ride progressions as our summer days get longer.

Rambling Routes

Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. Ride Leaders: Sonja Taylor/Scott Keast. (Guest leaders also involved)

This ride begins May 1 till the end of summer or fall if you wish.

If you have just returned to cycling or are a new cyclist, this is the ride for you. This is a relaxed city route with shorter distances on mostly flat or gently rolling terrain. There are breaks for snacks and water, and maybe a coffee break at the end. However, all cyclists must have a well-maintained bike and be prepared to enjoy the sights. There can be no e-bikes on this ride, so dust off your road or mountain bike, and come join a group of eager cyclists who want to have fun.

Mercato Gelato Rides

Wednesdays at 10 a.m. (July/August) (Ride Leader: Keith Bambridge)

This ride springs onto the calendar at the end of July when the outdoor patios invite all cyclists. Book early as it is a club favourite. Explore the roads and paths in and around St Albert ending with a treat at Italian Bakery’s Mercato.

Thursday Longer Recreational Rides

Thursdays at 10 a.m. (Ride Leader: Phil Davidson)

These are longer social rides with stops to chat/regroup and have a bite. Though not training rides we, will move at a pace sufficient to cover distances starting at 30 km and going to 80 – 100 km. Views are delightful, and the company spectacular.

Friday Quiet Roads

Fridays at 10 a.m. (Ride Leader: June MacGregor)

Ride begins May 3 and runs until the end of August.

These will be more relaxed rides for veterans of road cycling and for cyclists with experience on urban bike paths who want to try rural routes. The distances will increase easy to intermediate as the summer progresses, so come out and get fit.

Saturday Morning Ride

Saturdays at 10 a.m. (Ride Leader: Michel Roloff)

Ride begins May 11 and may just go until we run out of places to have coffee.

Want to get the weekend off to a great start? These rides will limber you up for the weekend as we test out locally owned café/bakeries. This is a city social ride that covers the pavement of neighbourhoods you’ve maybe never visited. Join us to enjoy what Edmonton has to offer.

Sunday Social Rides

Sundays at 10 a.m. (Ride Leader: Betty Lefave)

Ride begins May 5 and will end at the last Sunday of August.

Similar to Friday Quiet Roads, this ride will progress to longer distances in the summer. It is a no drop ride with coffee and socializing during or after the ride.

Series Fitness Rides


Tuesdays at 10 a.m. Location: Graminia Community Hall. (Ride Leader: Phil Davidson)

This ride begins April 23.

Where are you on the super-jock to just-off-the-couch continuum? Is this the fitness ride for you? YES, wherever you are on the continuum! We ride by time, not distance. You ride out as far as you can in the set time and then ride back to the start. BUT this is a ride for anyone who wants to improve their fitness and pace. It’s about personal bests and each week, you will get better!

Hill Tops and Coffee Shops

Wednesdays at 9 a.m. or 10 a.m. Location varies. (Ride Leader: Dean Cooper)

This series begins May 22 for 8 weeks to July 10.

These are intermediate fitness rides that combine the best of Edmonton hill training and coffee-shop culture, capitalizing on our beautiful river valley and ravines.  The routes are mostly along paved multi-use paths and local roads, linking together a series of climbs in and out of the river valley.

Stamina Builder Ultime

Saturdays (Pay close attention to start times and locations as they vary.) (Ride Leaders: A trained EBTC member will lead each week.)

Ride Series begins April 13.

A training/fitness program for cyclists who want to progressively build endurance to complete 100 km by the end of July. This series does require a commitment to cycling during the week as both distance and pace increases weekly. This series ends in late July. Riders must be comfortable with RWGPS. This ride begins at different locations, so during registration note the location and times carefully.

Stamina Builder Optimum

Sundays (Pay close attention to start times and locations as they vary.) (Ride Leaders: A trained EBTC member will lead each week.)

Ride Series begins April 14.

A training/fitness program for cyclists looking to increase their endurance while building independent riding skills using RWGPS. These Sunday morning rides enable member riders to progressively build stamina to complete 60km rides comfortably by the end of July. It also begins at different locations each week, so during registration note the location and times carefully.

Stamina Builder Enduro

Sundays (start times shift throughout season) (Ride Leader: group leaders shift each week.)

Series Ride begins April 28 and ends the last Sunday of July.

This series is a training/fitness program for very experienced cyclists looking to increase their endurance to complete a 160 km ride. This ride absolutely requires use of RWGPS. This series ends in late July. The start locations and times vary.

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