Members ask, “Does EBTC have medical coverage for me?” The answer is, “No”; medical insurance is an individual member responsibility. The Alberta Government’s website states “You should have additional travel or medical insurance when you leave Alberta” – that includes for travel within Canada. See: Services outside of Alberta covered by AHCIP | Alberta.ca Similarly, insurance for personal property (e.g., your bike) is the responsibility of each member.

So, what kind of insurance does EBTC have? Consistent with similar clubs, EBTC has commercial general liability insurance. This coverage is for third party injuries and property damage arising from the Club’s operations, e.g., EBTC riders are scattered about crossing an intersection, there’s a pedestrian or vehicular accident and a third party puts in a claim to EBTC’s insurer.

‘Third party’ excludes Club members. By accepting EBTC’s Waiver at membership sign-up, members assume the risks associated with cycling and release the Club from liability (e.g., other Club members, ride leaders, officers, directors). With a claim by a third party, EBTC’s insurer will require information that riders on the ride were covered by our insurance, either as EBTC ‘members’ (Karelo ride registration is important for our record of riders) or as non-member ‘friends’ who had signed the EBTC Waiver in order to ride with us on this one ride.


Last Updated on May 11, 2024