Partner Benefits

We’ve been talking to some of the local bike shops about providing benefitrs for our members. Here is a recap of our Bike Shop partnerships for the 2024 season so far.

  • Revolution Cycle – 15 % off bike parts and accessories. They will also support a major ride/activity as they appear throughout the riding season. Have and will continue to support the Ride Leaders session with donated gear.
  • United Cycle – They will support our Ride Leaders Session, and support with a donation.
  • MEC – Has donated a seminar room free of charge, as well as Club Nights where members can enjoy substantial discounts.
  • Mud Sweat and Gears – Offering 10% off bike parts and accessories. Would also be happy to support an activity during our season if we wish.

For discounts, open your EBTC registration on the Karelo web site at checkout, or print a copy of your registration from Karelo before leaving home. No discount can occur without proof of 2024 EBTC membership.

Last Updated on June 2, 2024