We offer a wide range of rides every day of the week with varying distances that are suitable for all types of bikes and rider skill levels.

All EBTC rides have a social component as members meet and enjoy each other’s company before and after rides as well as while riding. Rides are also assigned a difficulty rating and a description that is guided by a rating scale to help cyclists select the most appropriate activity.

Social rides: These rides are usually shorter and slower paced with stops for snacks or lunch and for points of interest or just to chat. The group may stay together or regroup at regular intervals and may provide a sweep.

Training rides: These rides are designed to help members improve their riding fitness or to prepare for longer-distance rides or multiple-day events. EBTC training ride series are normally progressive with greater distance each week. These rides are designed for members who wish to challenge themselves and are able to ride independently (self-navigate) and steadily with few breaks. 

*NOTE: Some rides have different start dates for different months, so please always confirm rides on our ‘Rides & Events’ calendar page.



  •   6:30 PM(April-Aug) – Recreational ride – We will start the cycling season with a 16-18 km ride through the bike paths and streets of the neighboring areas of the river valley and will work our way up to about 40 kms during the summer.


  • *9AM/9:30AM/10AM (May-July)Hill Tops n’ Coffee Shops -This program is meant to increase a cyclist’s strength required for hill climbing and riding into head winds, as well as exploring Edmonton coffee shops.
  • *6PM/6:30PM (Apr-Aug)Strathcona RideCome and enjoy the beautiful rolling hills of Strathcona County. We try to stay on quiet roads with good tarmac but occasionally need to cross higher-traffic roadways. 


  • 10 AM (May-Aug)The Outbacks – These are training rides suitable for all levels. You can build strength, power and speed to add to the endurance you get from other longer rides plus get a good cardio workout.
  • 3:30 PM (April-Sept)Wahoo Wednesday -We tend to stay on quiet roads but occasionally our journey takes us onto some higher traffic roadways. We try to use roads with good tarmac suitable for road bikes but mountain/hybrid/touring/ebikes are all welcome. 


  • 10 AM (Apr-Aug)Longer Recreational Ride – We will do longer distances with stops to chat/regroup, have a bite – social rides. Although these are not training rides, we will move along at a pace sufficient to cover the distances. We will start with moderate distances (50 km) and increase fairly quickly to 80 – 100+ km.
  • 6:30 PM (Apr-Sept)City Trail Ride -Using your fat or mountain bike or hybrid, we will explore off-road routes in Edmonton and vicinity (typically 15-35km). 


  • 10 AM (Apr-Sept)Quiet Roads East & West –  These will be more relaxed rides for veterans of road cycling and for cyclists with experience on urban bike paths who want to try rural routes. Participants will be able to handle some hilly terrain and should be comfortable riding with a group.


  • 10 AM (June -Sept)-Garrison-Morinville loop – This 50 Km ride uses well paved roads with a coffee stop in Morinville. It is unsupported and weather permitting.
  • 8:30/9/10 AM (April -July)Stamina builder optimum 60 & Ultimate 100 – This is a training program for cyclists who want to progressively build endurance for longer rides up to 60 km or 100 km. 
  • 10 AM (May-June) Double duty Saturday – 2 distances 30-40 km. A social ride suitable for all levels.


  • 9/9:30/10/11 AM (April – July) Stamina builder 60 -This is a training program for cyclists that want to progressively build endurance for up to 60km rides.
  • 8:45/9:45 AM (April -July) Stamina builder 100 – This is a training program for cyclists who want to progressively build endurance for longer rides up to 100 km. 
  • 9/9:30/10 AM (April -July) Stamina builder 160 This is a training program for cyclists that want to progressively build endurance for up to 160km rides.
  • 10 AM (April – Sept) Sunday Social This ride will progress to longer distances in the summer. This is a no drop ride with coffee and socializing during or after the ride.



  • Pop-up Ice Cream Ridesmore info coming
  • Pop-up Coffee Rides more info coming
  • 10 AM (June 19)Red Deer Market Ride – This 60km ride is a no-drop group ride. From the Market, we will connect to the C&E trail and make our way to the Coffee Cottage in Innisfail for treats. The roads are quiet with safe shoulders. When back at start, the Market is open for shopping and refreshments. Washrooms available at the Market.
  • 10 AM (June 26)Fort Saskatchewan Brunch – Rated as an easy ride, this 50km ride is a good event for those of you who are wanting a slower paced ride with some distance and extra time to socialize. Purchase your Patio brunch at The Canadian Brewhouse 60 Westpark, Ft. Saskatchewan, or any of the fast food outlets in the area – or bring your own lunch and eat at the nearby recreation complex or in the town park.
  • 10 AM (July 2)Vegreville Two Hills  – This 100km ride is a round trip to/from Vegriville. The route is good pavement with some rolling hills. Expect a headwind for some of the ride. There will be a support vehicle to carry extra water and snacks plus any personal items. Lunch and ice cream treats can be bought in Two Hills or bring your own.
  • 10 AM (July 9)Vermilion Pizza & Cinnamon Bun Ride – This 72km ride is a round trip to/from Vermilion. The route is good pavement with some rolling hills. There will be a support vehicle(s) to carry extra water and snacks plus any personal items, with room to pick up a couple of riders and bikes if anyone is unable to finish. Pizza and cinnamon buns will be baked in the wood fired oven after riders return. Bring your bikes and bring your appetite. Overnight camping is available at the Vermilion Provincial Park.
  • 10 AM (July 24)Footloose Caboose – This 58km  ride is on well paved roads. Lunch at the Caboose, bring $21 for lunch.
  • Overnight (July 23-24)Thunder lake – This 78-88km/day ride is a long leisurely ride from Onoway to Thunder Lake and back. We camp overnight at Thunder Lake Provincial Park in a large group campground. Tent, sleeping bag, etc is required. Food is provided with help from all riders. The ride is van supported, cost is $100 plus coffee/pie money.
  • 10 AM (Aug 13)Beaumont1New Sarepta to Miquelon Lake – Choose between a challenging or intermediate ride to Miquelon Lake and back
  • 11 AM (Sept 10)Dog Rump CreekThis 65 km ride is from Graminia Hall to Dog Rump creek in Stony Plain. Bring your lunch or buy one near the lunch site.
  • 11 AM (Sept 18)Chickakoo Fall Colours Tour –  This will be a hub and spoke ride starting at the Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area north of Stony Plain with beverages and snacks privided by the club. There will be loops for road, trail and gravel bikes so members can choose the distance they wish to do. Come out to enjoy the fall leaves and beautiful lakes along the hilly roads of the Glory Hills. 


  • Trail rides