We offer a wide range of rides every day of the week with varying distances that are suitable for all types of bikes and rider skill levels.

All EBTC rides have a social component as members meet and enjoy each other’s company before and after rides as well as while riding. Rides are also assigned a difficulty rating and a description that is guided by a rating scale to help cyclists select the most appropriate activity.

Series Rides: These rides start at the same time each week for a number of weeks. They have a theme, whether it’s preparing for long hard events or a relaxed exploration of quiet roads in the countryside.

Social rides: These rides usually include stops for snacks or lunch; for points of interest or just to chat. The group may stay together or regroup at regular intervals and may provide a sweep.

Fitness rides – Stamina Builder Series: The Stamina Builder series is a training program for cyclists who want to progressively build endurance to complete 60, 100 or 160k rides by July. This series does require a commitment to cycling during the week as both distance and pace increases weekly. The program is designed for motivated cyclists in the 60k series and to experienced cyclists who can self navigate for the 100 and 160k series. Routes rotate weekly around Edmonton and area. All riders must have the route (RWGPS) and be able to self navigate as there are no maps provided and most of these rides are drop rides.

     – Outbacks: Training rides for all levels of fitness. We ride by time, not distance.

*NOTE: Some rides have different start dates for different months, so please always confirm rides on our ‘Rides & Events’ calendar page.

Unique rides: These rides are offered once in the season, heading somewhere special, often including food.

Pop-up rides: – These are rides added on short notice. They may be any distance, day and time. Check the calendar frequently or sign up to receive email notifications.

Last Updated on May 15, 2024