Cancelling for Weather

The ride season got off to a great start this year with several pop-ups going out in ideal conditions. Then it snowed and several rides were cancelled. Then the smoke rolled in. Then it turned cool and rainy. As well, there is always a risk of last-minute road condition changes and other events that affect our rides. In 2022 we had a route that was entirely good pavement on Tuesday but had a big gravel section on Thursday.

Please check your email and the weather/smoke forecasts before heading out to a ride, just in case.

Cancelling rides is at the discretion of ride leaders. Some may go with rain, wind or smoke that would lead others to cancel. If the Ride Leader cancels a ride for which you have registered, you will receive a Karelo email notification.

Even if a ride is still scheduled, riders are responsible for their own decision as to what is safe for them. If you think conditions are unsafe for you, please cancel your registration. Your registration confirmation email includes a link to Change Registration. You can also log in to Karelo and click My Registrations on the right side.

We all want to have fun cycling, without being blown into the ditch, having an asthma attack, …

Last Updated on May 20, 2024